Most Crazy Stories of Big Wins in Roulette Bets

There are certain strategies that people use in a roulette game. With the lowest house edge of 1.35% French roulettes are often the popular choice of the players. They also like the European version. Generally, you should find the right game for you and then manage the money accordingly. You should never bet a large sum of money at a single spin.

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Now, look at these examples where people made a risky bet and won big –

Ashley Revell Selling All His Belongings for A Single Roulette Bet

In 2004, Ashley sold everything he possessed to make a single bet on roulette game. It is as crazy as it sounds. He then took the huge amount of $135,300 to a casino in Las Vegas and played an American roulette. With his win he doubled his money to $270,600.

Professional Poker Player Jake Cody And Tournament Prize

After winning a poker championship in 2018, Cody immediately used the prize money of $60,000 to make a single roulette bet and doubled his money after winning the bet.

Sean Connery And Single Number Wager

Single number wagers have less chances of winning. The actor lost in his first two attempts but after winning on the third attempt he placed the next bet on the same number with all the money won. He won for three times straight.

Mike Ashley, The Newcastle United Football Club Owner Wins Big

Just like Connery he also placed his bets on a single number along with other results. Hye won £820,000 in 15 minutes.

A Computer Programmer Betting Savings of Three Years

In 1994, Chris Boyd accumulated $220,00 for three years and put the whole money on a single wager to win big.

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