Play UK 49s Lottery Online with YesPlay and Win Big from Your Home in South Africa

Would you like to play a lottery game that is simple, fast-paced, fun, and thrilling? How about a game that offers you some of the most favorable odds of winning a huge cash prize every single day of the week? If the above sounds great, UK 49s is a lottery you should not miss! This celebrated British game of chance has a simple 6/49 structure, and is played using an easy-to-follow set of rules, and features two draws per day – Lunchtime UK 49s and Teatime UK 49s – that take place at 14:49 and 19:49 SAST.

What is UK 49?

UK 49s is a game known and dearly loved by millions of bettors around the UK and all over the world. One of the reasons this lottery has grown so popular with SA lotto fans is that it has an incredibly easy and straightforward structure, which is suitable even for the least experienced users. There is a pool of 49 numbered balls participating in the game, and the player needs to pick up to six random numbers, including a Booster ball. If they choose well and match all their selected numbers with those drawn in the game, players will take home a very generous cash payout.

How to play UK 49s in SA?

For anyone living outside Great Britain, where the lottery tickets are physically distributed, playing UK 49s is only possible via specialized online services. Adult gamblers in South Africa eager to try their hand at this or other foreign lotteries from around the globe need to use a reliable and secure online platform like YesPlay, where they can place their bets safely from the comfort of their own house.

YesPlay is presently the most popular and trusted South African betting site that offers gamblers from this country hundreds of exciting lottery games of every size and focus. Among the games available through this platform, are major international lotteries like US Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as smaller and easier-to-win raffles like Irish Daily Million Plus or Poland Ekstra Pensja.

All that any South African lottery player needs to do to start betting on the results of the UK 49s draws is register an account with YesPlay using their valid SA phone number. Once fully signed up, bettors can use the search box to locate their game of interest and then fill out a bet slip to place a bet. The latest UK 49s winning numbers are published on the website two times a day, soon after the draw completes.

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