The Ten Greatest Cricket Strikers of All Time

To play cricket is to engage in an artistic endeavour. Everyone who likes the sport of cricket appreciates nail-biting victories. A memorable experience is a game that goes down to the wire. To be successful in cricket, you need bravery, strategy, and skill. Not many players like playing in a finishing position. Many who are notorious for never leaving the net while the pressure is on are called “finishers.”. The ability to score 12-20 runs in the last over and win the game is not a given for every player and it easy to guess these players via cricket quiz contest. The post ranking the top ten finishers in cricket history can be found here.

MS Dhoni (India)

In limited-overs matches, MS Dhoni once captained the Indian cricket team. He is widely regarded as one of the game’s most consistent and aggressive batters. He is the first captain in ICC history to win all six of the tournament’s trophies. Dhoni scored over 10,000 runs in One Day Internationals, more than any other captain, while batting in the bottom half of the lineup. That can be well explained by the chase in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup final.

Dhoni has been called the best finisher in cricket history.

Ab de Villiers (South Africa)

Ab de Villiers is a former South African cricket player. He is widely regarded as one of the sport’s all-time great finishes. Because of his incredible versatility, he is known as “Mr. 360” for his ability to play shots from any angle. Ab has represented South Africa in international cricket since 2004 and has accumulated over 19 thousand runs across all forms. As of right now, he is the only batsman in One Day International history to have ever set the records for the quickest 50 (16 balls), 100 (31 balls), and 150 (64 balls).

Michael Bevan (Australia)

Ex-international cricket player Michael Bevan. He had a reputation as a game-winning lefty batter of the highest order. When Bevan played cricket, the term “Finisher” was not yet in use. He holds the record for greatest batting average in List-A cricket with 57.86, having scored more than 15,000 runs. Bevan won two World Cups with Australia in 1999 and 2003. He had a significant role in achieving that achievement. One of the finest finishers of all time, because to his amazing skills and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

One time Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi. He is often regarded as one of cricket’s deadliest players. With almost 10,000 runs scored in international cricket, Afridi holds the record for most sixes in an ODI. Games would be won by his clutch power hitting. When Pakistan faced India for the Asia Cup, one of the most memorable examples of his finishing prowess was when he smashed two consecutive sixes against (Ashwin), contributing to Pakistan’s victory.

Michael Hussey (Australia)

Mr. Cricket is the moniker by which former international cricketer Michael Hussey is best known. His playmaking, finishing, and soccer savvy have earned him widespread renown. The numbers he’s put up in One-Day Internationals are just as impressive. He became one of the best one-day international (ODI) batters in the world after scoring more than 15000 runs. Cricket fans still talk about his spectacular performance against Pakistan, when they needed 18 runs to win in only six balls. He reversed Ajmal’s spin and hit two sixes in a row, winning the game for his team.

 Lance Klusener (South Africa)

A former South African cricketer, Lance Klusener is widely regarded as one of the sport’s best finishers. Over 5000 runs were scored by him across all forms, and he took 272 wickets. In the bowling and hitting circles, he was renowned for his abrasive style. His test match bowling average of 8/64 puts him ahead of all other South African debuting bowlers. Lance has finished off games for his country many times before. When everyone else had given up, he played to the very end.

Vivian Richards (West Indies)

Former West Indies batsman and one of cricket’s all-time great batsmen, Vivian Richards. Both his international and List-A batting totals are well over 15,000 runs. He was unbeatable when he took the field. Due to his aggressive mentality and lack of fear, he was able to demolish any bowling lineup. As a result of his constant batting prowess, he was named Man of the Match 20 times in ODI competition, more than any other batter in the history of the game. He is among the game’s all-time greats and is a devastating finisher.

Jos Buttler (England)

As the current captain of the England cricket team, Jos Buttler is an English cricketer. When hitting a white ball, he is up there with the best in the world. He has excellent situational awareness and can bat or bowl with either defence or offence. Buttler has scored more runs in Twenty20 Internationals for England than anybody else. Amazingly, his strike rate in One-Day Internationals is 118, while in Test Cricket it’s 141. He has scored more fifty-point scores for England than anybody else in Twenty20 Internationals (16). At the moment, Buttler is the finest finisher in cricket.

Javed Miandad (Pakistan)

Former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad is widely regarded as one of the sport’s all-time great batters. He has amassed over 16 thousand runs across all cricket forms. His innovative style and extraordinary command have made him a household name. He made history as the only Pakistani batsman to achieve over 1000 runs in six different World Cup tournaments, playing in 33 games. The list of his accomplishments and records is long and impressive.

The big six he hit off the last ball against India in 1986 at Sharjah is still talked about today. In that very time, a victory in the game would be fantastic. He was perhaps the finest player in the league in terms of scoring.

Abdul Razzaq (Pakistan)

Former all-round cricketer for Pakistan, Abdul Razzaq has played in every format of the game. When it comes to cricket, he is often mentioned as a top all-around performer. Any bowling assault would be no match for his strong swing. Among Pakistan’s boxers, Abdul is regarded as a top threat in the ring. He batted 5080 runs in 265 ODIs and went 57 times without being dismissed. In the game’s last overs, Abdul Razzaq is your best bet for victory.

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