What is matched betting?How to use free betting offers to do it

Two of the most popular pastimes for many people are online sports betting and playing online casino games. Both sectors have grown in recent years as the appetite for betting or playing games online has increased. In terms of sports betting, the US Supreme Court ruling in 2018 should see it growing further into a newly regulated American market. Of course, much of the growth both sectors have seen is down to the safe online sportsbooks and casinos available.

One of the best NJ online casino sites is Resorts Casino. With itsextensive range of cool games and commitment to customer service, it is the go-to choice for many players online. The bonuses offered in particular are appealing, and that is true for many other online casinos. Of course, sportsbooks also use bonuses and free bets to tempt players. Many bettors, however,use what is known as matched betting to get maximum value from these sportsbook bonuses.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is one of the many types of sports bets which you can use. It enables you to profit from betting on a game or race – whatever the outcome. It revolves around using free bets given away by online sportsbooks when you sign-up for an account. The key is to match up the’back bet’ and ‘lay bet’on a game or race before putting on the correct stake for each, so you always come out with a profit.

How to best use free betting offers for matched betting?

Many people find it much easier to understand matched betting with an example. Let’s say we have signed up with an online sportsbook to get a free $30 bet if you stake $10 first.

To access the $30 worth of free bets, you need to make a qualifying bet. For this qualifying bet, you might decide to back Italy to win at soccer at odds of 2 with your $10 stake and then lay it off on a betting exchange at odds of 2.1 with the correct stake amount. If your lay staking is done correctly, you will make a slight loss whatever happens.

You can now access your $30 of free bets,which you can use to make money and earn back your small loss from the qualifying bet. For example, you switch to basketball and back one team to win with odds of 3with your $30 of free bets. You then lay this off at odds of 3.1 at the betting exchange, with a stake of $12.40 to match up the back bet. That leaves you with an overall liability of $63.22. The beauty here is that, whatever happens, you make a decent profit due to using the free bets.

Matched betting is becoming more popular

Although it can be time-consuming, matched betting is gaining momentum. Many bettors now see it as a risk-free way of betting, utilizing the free bets given away by sportsbooks to their full extent.

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